< Seeking foundations and business entities willing to offer assistance in our acquisition of Asian films.

Seeking foundations and business entities willing to offer assistance in our acquisition of Asian films.

FILMS UNDER OUR FILM COLLECTION (from left to right) :"Three Years Without God" (Philippines-1976), "Golden Sita" (India-1977), "The Secret" (Hong Kong-1979), "Way of the Lotus" (Sri Lanka-1987)

 The Fukuoka City Public Library opened in 1996 as a library with a film archive, a function rarely seen in libraries across the world. The Film Archive has since, taken under its collection, excellent films exhibited at the yearly “Focus on Asia Fukuoka International Film Festival” a film festival dedicated to Asian films organized by the City of Fukuoka. The Film Archive has also taken under its collection. excellent Asian films selected by the film archive staff (who traveled throughout Asia to research these motion pictures). Presently, we maintain 438 titles from 27 countries and regions, as of April of 2008. 
  The Fukuoka City Public Library Film Archive became an affiliate of F.I.A.F. ( Federation of International Film Archives headquartered in Brussels with over 120 worldwide members), in 2003. We have since been recognized by members of FIAF as being a unique archive dedicated to the collection of Asia films. As a result, we have received many requests from foreign universities to borrow our prints for exhibition.
  However, in recent years, we have seen our yearly budgets slashed, reflecting the harsh economic condition the City of Fukuoka faces. For this reason, we have decided to seek the assistance of foundations and business entitites who have an understanding of film culture and cultural assistance..
  We believe that the films we collect are the essence of the film maker and creator of the film. Furthermore we believe that this essence has the power to convince the audience to understand unique, regional cultures and tradition and to deepen an affection and respect for the Asian country and its people depicted in the motion picture. Our mission, therefore, is to continue to collect these Asian films as precious cultural heritage for humanity to share and pass on to future generations.
 There are many countries which are in danger of losing their precious visual culture. We cannot collect all of this visual content. However it is our sincere wish, by dedicating ourselves to Asian film activities,to make our contributions towards Asian films, to as many Asian countries as possible. Despite our limited ability, we are proud of the fact that countries not blessed with specialized film storage facilities look up to us to shoulder an important role in this matter.
 Accordingly, should you be involved in the assistance of cultural understakings, we ask that you place our facility under consideration for assistance.
 For further inquiries, please contact us at: filmarchive@toshokan.city.fukuoka.jp