KUNDL Kyushu United Nations Depository Library

U.N.(United Nations) Depository Libraries accept United Nations publications under deposit and make such publications open to the general public for the purpose of gaining a world consensus of understanding towards U.N. (United Nations) activities. As of April 2010, there are 400 United Nations Depository Libraries in the world. Of these libraries, 14 are located in Japan. Kyushu has 3 United Nations Depository Libraries located within Ryukyu University in Okinawa and Seinan Gakuin University and the Fukuoka City Public Library in the City of Fukuoka.

As of April 2010, the Kyushu U.N. Depository Library at the Fukuoka City Public Library holds 34,794 U.N. publications. These include Official Records of the U.N. as well as material on the U.N. General Assembly, Economic and Social Councils, Trusteeship Councils, the United Nations Treaty Series, and other U.N. documents, newsletters, magazines, records of U.N. proceedings, U.N. reports and specialized (UNESCO, WHO, ILO) and related publications (UNICEF, HABITAT). In addition, the library carries 423 U.N. periodicals.


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