Newspapers at the Fukuoka City Public Library

The library preserves a large number of newspapers as library material in addition to newspapers it displays within the Browsing Area on the first floor. A separate Newspaper Section on the 2nd floor carries back editions to 35 regular and specialized newspapers ranging from the Hokkaido Shimbun published in the north of Japan, to our local Nishinippon Shimbun. Here you will also find reduced size editions to leading Japanese newspapers from 1976. You can also inspect newspapers that have ceased publication, such as the Fukunichi and Kyushu Nippo. Through microfilm, you can look at such newspapers as the Meiji Era issues of the Chikushi Shimpo, Fukuryo Shimpo and the Taisho Era issues of the Itoshima Shimbun. Western or foreign newspapers can be found on the 2nd floor within the International Materials Division.,