Fukuoka City Public Library Library Division Details

The Library Division shall be positioned as the core facility within the Fukuoka City Public Library to promote the concept of life long learning as a means of answering to a diverse range of academic, informational and cultural needs. To implement such a program, the Division shall:

Control the entire library system of the City of Fukuoka.

Maintain a high grade reference department equipped with a rich and wide diversity of material.

Prepare the central library of the City of Fukuoka to serve as a global informational center by collecting and providing the public with international material, with a strong empasis on Asia.

The Fukuoka City Public Library shall set up a close-knit network with city branch libraries and put its strength into acquiring the collection of books, on going publications and newspapers. It shal also carry out the preservation of basic material.

The Library Division shall be involved in acquiring collections of picture books from around the world.

The Library Division shall enrich its reference department based on its collection of categorized material of General Reference, Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and Local, International and U.N. material to answer to the needs of library users.

The Library Division shall promote a mutually cooperative network between public libraries within prefectures, specialized libraries, university libraries and the National Diet Library.