branch libraries of the Fukuoka City Public Library

The Fukuoka City Public Library has nine branch libraries spread within the City of Fukuoka. Library cards can be used at any of these branch libraries. You also may return library material including compact discs and videos at any branch library. Because compact discs and videos are fragile and are easilly damaged, we ask that you return compact discs and videos when the library is open and not through any book deposit. Addresses of the branch libraries are listed below:  

Fukuoka Chuo Library
2-5-8 Akasaka, Chuo-ku
Telephone: 092-751-9534  Fax: 092-751-9535
Fukuoka Hakata Library
1-13-10 Sanou, Hakata-ku
Telephone: 092-472-5996  Fax: 092-472-5999
Fukuoka Hakata Minami Library
2-3-1 Minami Honmachi, Hakata-ku
Telephone: 092-502-8580  Fax: 092-502-8579
Fukuoka Higashi Library
1-12-1 Kasumigaoka, Higashi-ku
Telephone: 092-661-2125 7 Fax: 092-661-2129
Fukuoka Jonan Library
5-3-25 Katae, Jonan-ku
Telephone: 092-864-4823  Fax: 092-864-4824
Fukuoka Minami Library
2-8-2 Shiobaru, Minami-ku
Telephone: 092-561-3048  Fax: 092-561-3054
Fukuoka Nishi Library
957-1 Meinohama-cho, Nishi-ku
Telephone: 092-884-3874  Fax: 092-884-3895
Fukuoka Sawara Library
2-2-1 Momochi, Sawara-ku
Telephone: 092-845-8835  Fax: 092-845-8841
Fukuoka Seibu Library
2-1-1 Saito, Nishi-ku
Telephone: 092-807-8802  Fax: 092-807-8884
Fukuoka Wajiro Library
1-22-27 Wajirooka, Higashi-ku
Telephone: 092-608-8490  Fax: 092-608-8495