Access to the Fukuoka City Public Library

The Fukuoka City Public Library is located in the Momochi-hama section of Sawara-ku (Sawara-Ward) within the City of Fukuoka, and is accessible either by bus or the city subway.

BUS: (Nishitetsu Bus)
You can take a number of buses from the Tenjin and/or Hakata Station area to reach the library. Most convenient are buses which take the expressway where you will get off either at :Hakubutsukan Minamiguchi or Fukuoka Tower Minamiguchi or Fukuoka Tower Minamiguchi TNC Kaikan Mae. The library is within a five minute walk from either bus stop.

You can reach the library also by using the city operated subway. You will get off at the Nishijin Subway Station. The library is about a 10-15 minute walk from the subway station.